The purpose of the present project is to extend and improve the existing facilities and know-how at the Institute of Microelectronics (IMEL) of the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, recognized as Center of Excellence in Nanoelectronics and MEMS in Greece. Dissemination and networking activities will be also organized, targeting collaborations with other European countries in the field of nanofabrication, nanodevices and sensors/MEMS/NEMS. With the existing expertise, know-how and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, complemented by important new equipment that will be purchased within the present project, the MiNaSys-CoE aims at becoming unique in the Southeastern Europe region.


In summary the objective of the project is:

To upgrade the research infrastructure and research portfolio of the Institute of Microelectronics in a way that would enable the Institute to be competitive worldwide in the coming decade and maintain its role and influence in Greece as the reference Center in the field of fabrication of micro & nanosystems. To achieve that general objective the following specific objectives are then set:

•Purchase and install research equipment capable for patterning at the nanoscale and allowing processing and integration of Silicon and polymeric substrates and devices.

•Forge new research collaborations with European Centers of Excellence by exchange of personnel allowing fast and timely introduction of new technologies

•Train young scientists, technologists and SMEs technical personnel to gradually improve the quality of life and economy of the country.

•Focus the research activities of the Institute personnel on thematic areas of priority for Europe with emphasis on potential regional applications

•Horizontally integrate the occasionally isolated activities of the researchers by promoting integration of the new materials and devices into homogeneous but often heterogeneous systems

•Strengthen the basic understanding and predictive design of the above devices by further integrating simulation groups within the existing strong experimental groups.

•Disseminate knowledge produced at IMEL through different complementary actions supported by MiNaSys (workshops, publications, web page)

The objectives will be implemented by trans-national two-way exchange of research staff between IMEL and the selected centres, by hosting experienced researchers with relevant expertise from these leading European Centres. To strengthen our research we shall proceed to the purchase of equipment for nanoscale patterning.












European Flag Funded from the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7: Capacities. Funded from the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7: Capacities.  N.C.S.R. "Demokritos" Institute of Microelectronics

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