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  • The Department of Microelectronics (former Institute of Microelectronics – IMEL)  is one of the three departments of the Institute of Advanced Materials, Physicochemical Processes,Microsystems and Nanotechnology (IAMPPMN) of NCSR Demokritos that resulted after a governmental decision for merging in March of 2012.
  • IMEL was established in 1986 as one of the eight Research Institutes of NCSR Demokritos, amedium size, multidisciplinary Research Center under the General Secretarial for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development. The Institute’s mission was to promote research related with Microelectronics in Greece fostering at the same time the involvement and contribution of the country to European R&D in the field. Since then, IMEL has been able to acquire cutting-edge research equipment in micro-nanofabrication and material/device characterization, has successfully participated in numerous National and European research projects and has been producing high quality research focused mostly on silicon technology and associated microsystems.
  • The know-how and expertise developed within more than 25 years of operation cover thephysicochemical and technological understanding of silicon processing steps, the mastering of novel micro and nanofabrication routes compatible with silicon technology, the development of neworganic and inorganic materials for alternative electronics and optoelectronics, as well as innovativedevice design and realization, extending from sensors and portable microsystems to electronicmemories and photonic devices.
  • On the national level the expertise and infrastructure of the Department of Microelectronics are unique in Greece, which it leader in the development of novel technologies, in technology and know-how transfer to the industry and in the development of high-quality human potential through Master and Ph.D. concrete programs that has staffed high-tech companies and University Departments. In addition the research output has been exploited either in commercial products or in spin-off companies. Furthermore, the Department has developed mechanisms to promote the field at the national level through the establishment and coordination of thematic networks and scientific societies (MMN Network, Micro & Nano scientific society). IMEL is a member of the European Academic and Scientific Association for Nanoelectronics (AENEAS-technology platform ENIAC) and a founding member of SINANO, the European Institute of Nanoelectronics and member of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association.
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