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Software developed at IMEL

Software tools developed at the Institute of Microelectronics  are listed below and are available for evaluation upon request.

  • Software for Line Width Roughness (LWR) Analysis

    The program LWR_Demokritos (LERDEMO) aims at:

    a) The detection of the edges of resist lines by analyzing their top-down SEM images.
    b) The characterization of the roughness of the obtained line widths (LWR) using scaling analysis. The LWR parameters calculated by LWR_Demokritos are:
    i) line length independent "sigma" value 3sigmaLWR(inf), 
    ii) correlation length "ksi" after which the edge looks flat, 
    iii) roughness exponent "alpha" giving the relative importance of high frequency.
    Download LWR software demo and manual (zip file)

  • Micro & nano topography evolution

    The development of a computational framework for feature scale plasma etching simulation was started in the context of project I.2. This computational framework was further developed, integrated into a Graphical User Interface and named φetch. More information can be found in the site of φetch (

  • Software “surfanalysis” for surface roughness characterization

    The aim of the program “surfanalysis” is to characterize the roughness of surfaces measured by AFM through the estimation of several roughness metrics (parameters and functions).
    Download demo and manual (rar file)

NCSR - Demokritos