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  • ΜiNaSys-CoE (Regpot-2009)  Contract No  245040
    “Micro and Nano Systems Center of Excellence”
    Duration: 1/12/2009-31/7/2013
    Project leader:  D. Tsoukalas – P. Argitis
  • SPAM (FP7) - Contract No 215723 (Marie Curie)
    “A Supra-disciplinary approach to research and training in surface Physics for Advanced Manufacturing”
    Duration: 01/10/2008 – 30/09/2012
    Project leader: E. Gogolides
  • LOVE-FOOD (FP7-ICT-2011-8) - Contract No 317742
    “Love wave fully integrated Lab-on-Chip platform for food pathogen detection”
    Duration: 01/09/2012 – 31/08/2015
    Project leader: A. Tserepi
  • SE2A  - ENIAC JU  (FP7) - Contract No 120009
    “Nanoelectronics for Sale, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions”
    Duration: 1/1/2009-31/03/2012
    Project leader:  A. Nassiopoulou

  • Network of Excellence NANOFUNCTION (FP7) - Contract No 257375
    “Beyond CMOS Nanodevices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS”
    Duration: 1/9/2010-31/8/2013
    Project leader:  A. Nassiopoulou

  • Coordination and Support Action NANO-TEC - Contract No 257964
    “Beyond CMOS Nanodevices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS”
    Duration: 1/9/2010-28/2/2013    
    Project leader:  A. Nassiopoulou

  • FOODSNIFFER - EU, FP7-ICT, STREP - Contract No 318319
    "Monolithically integrated interferometric biochips for label-free early detection of human diseases"
    Duration: 01/09/2012 – 1/9/2015
    Project leader:  I. Raptis
  • IKYDA, IKY DAAD Collaborative Project with LM University of Munich (2012)
    Project leader:  P. Argitis
  • “Monolithically Integrated Interferometric Biochips for label-free Early detection of Human Diseases”PYTHIA (FP7)
    Contract No 224030
    Duration: 1/5/2008-30/4/2011
    Project leader: I. Raptis
  • “Investigation of the use of III-Nitride quantum dot-resonant tunneling diodes structure as tuneable wavelength UV-VIS Detectors” - ESA Sub-
    Contract FORTH-NCSRD- RFQ No 3-12083
    Duration: 14/4/2008-14/4/2009
    Project leader: P. Normand

  • “Remote RF Powering and Passive Telemetry Link for a wireless Strain Sensor System” - ESA Contract ESTEC No 21339/08/NL/GLC
    Duration: /3/2008-31/5/2009
    Project leader: S. Katsafouros

  • “Silicon based Nanostructures and nanodevices for long term nanoelectronics applications” - NANOSIL (FP7)
    Contract No 216171
    Duration: 1/1/2008-30/12/2010
    Project leader: A. G. Nassiopoulou

  • “Material Development for Double exposure and Double patterining” - MD3 (FP7)
    Contract No 214948
    Duration: 1/12/2007-30/11/2009
    Project leader: E. Gogolides

  • “European Integrated Activity of Excellence and Networking for Nano and Micro-Electronic Analysis” - ANNA (IST-I3)
    Contract No 026134 Duration: 1/12/2006-1/12/2010
    Project leader: A. G. Nassiopoulou

  • “Plasma Etching for desired nanofeature shape and nanotexture: An advanced reactor and simulation software for feedback loop plasma control” - NANOPLASMA (STREP-NMP-FP6) Contract No 016424
    Duration: 1/4/2006-31/3/2009
    Project leader: E. Gogolides

  • “NanoEngineered Monolithic Optoelectronic transducers for highly sensitive and Label-free Bionsensing” - NEMOSLAB (IST-NoE- FP6)
    Contract No 027804
    Duration: 1/1/2006-30/6/2009
    Project leader: K. Misiakos

  • “Integrated polymer-based micro fluidic micro system for DNA extraction, amplification, and silicon-based detection” - Micro2DNA (IST-FP6-STREP)
    Contract No 027333
    Duration: 1/2/2006-31/5/2009
    Project leader: P. Normand


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