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Project Information per year

2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006- 2005 - 2004



Project Leader: K. Misiakos
Key Researchers: A. Tserepi, I. Raptis, E. Gogolides, P. Argitis, H. Contopanagos
Research Associate: D. Goustouridis
Post-doctoral scientists: K. Kotsovos, E. Makarona
PhD students: M. Kitsara
Research Engineer: Athanasios Botsialas
External Collaborators: S.E. Kakabakos (IRRP/NCSRD), P.Petrou (IRRP/NCSRD)
Graduate Students: Alex Salapatas, Ioannis Arxontas


  1. Development of bioanalytical lab-on-a-chip devices based on monolithic optoelectronic transducers (bioactivated optocouplers).
  2. Development of monolithically integrated interferometric biochips for label-free biosensing
  3. Development of white light interferometric setup for label free monitoring of biomolecular reactions.
  4. Develop highly sensitive and/or label free assays suitable for point of care applications
  5. Develop microfluidc channels integrated on transducer silicon chips
  6. Use soft lithography, Deep Plasma Etching, and plasma assisted bonding to fabricate PDMS, PMMA (and other organic polymer) based microfluidic devices
  7. Fabricate capillary electrophoresis, and chromatography devices
  8. Develop open microfluidics using electrowetting actuation
  9. Develop novel plasma based micro array technologies


  • EU, IST, STREP, “NEMOSLAB”, NanoEngineered Monolithic Optoelectronic transducers for highly Sensitive and LAbel-free Biosensing (coordinated by K. Misiakos start 1-1-2006, end 30-6-2009)
  • EU, FP7-ICT, STREP, “PYTHIA”, Monolithically integrated interferometric biochips for label-free early detection of human diseases (coordinated by I. Raptis start 01-05-2008, duration 36months)
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