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Material and Devices for Memory and Emerging Electronics



Project leader: P.Normand

Permanent researchers: V. Ioannou-Sougleridis, P. Dimitrakis

Collaborating Researchers: P. Argitis, N. Glezos, E. Gogolides, A.M. Douvas, K. Giannakopoulos

PhD Students: P. Goupidenis, N. Nikolaou

Graduate Students: D. Simatos, V. Poulakis


    • Development of dielectrics and nanostructured materials for inorganic/organic memory and advanced electronic applications.
    • Study of the structural and electrical properties of the generated materials and demonstration of material functionality enabling the development of emerging electronic devices.
    • Realization and testing of electronic devices with emphasis on non-volatile memory cells.


Our research activities in materials and structures for memory applications started in 1996 with the development of the low-energy ion-beam-synthesis (LE-IBS) technique in collaboration with Salford University (UK). Two-dimensional arrays of Si nanocrystals in thin gate dielectrics were demonstrated and further exploited in the fabrication of nanocrystal memories (NCMs). This activity was first supported by the EU project, FASEM (1997-2000). LE-IBS development with target the realization of non-volatile NCMs in an industrial environment has been conducted further within the framework of the EU project, NEON (2001-2004), in collaboration with the US implanter manufacturer, Axcelis. In addition to our LE-IBS-NCM activities, major efforts have been devoted the last few years (see previous IMEL’s annual reports) to the development of materials and devices for memory and emerging electronics including: (a) Memory devices by Si+ irradiation through poly-Si/SiO2 gate stack, (b) Memory devices using Ge-NCs produced by MBE, (c) hybrid silicon-organic and SiGe-organic memories, (d) Formation of Si NCs in thin SiO2 layers by plasma Immersion, (e) Wet oxidation of LE Si-implanted Si3N4 for ONO memory stacks, (f) MOS structures with LE Ge-implanted thin gate oxides, (g) Proton radiation tolerance of NCMs, (h) Fabrication and characterization of SiO2 films with Si NCs obtained by stencil-masked LE-IBS, (i) Hybrid organic thin film transistor by laser-induced-forward-transfer, (j) Fluorene-based cross-bar organic memory devices, (k) III-Nitrides quantum dots-resonant tunneling diodes as tunable wavelength UV-VIS phototodetectors, (l) Organic proton memories, (m) Proton transport in acid doped polymer matrices, (n) GaN quantum dots for NCMs, and (o) High-k dielectrics stacks for charge trapping memories The above activities were conducted in collaboration with CEMES/CNRS (FR), FZR Dresden and ZMD AG (DE), STMicroelectronics (IT), Aarhus University (DK), Durham University (UK), Ion-Beam-Services (IBS, FR), MDM-INFM (IT), LETI/CEA (FR), NTUA (GR), INSA Toulouse (FR), Cambridge NanoTech (USA), TEI Crete (GR), Ioannina University (GR), University of Helsinki (FI), MRG/FORTH (GR) and Patras University (GR). In 2012, our main activities described hereafter were focused on the following tasks: (A) Space charge polarization in acid doped polymer matrices using time-domain dielectric spectroscopy, (B) High-k dielectrics stacks for advanced non-volatile memory devices, (C) Nanofloating gate memory devices using III-N quantum dots, (D) Front-end processing for Ge MOS technology, (E) Si nanocrystals in thin SiO2 layers by plasma-immersion ion-implantation.


(1) “Organic electronic devices for radiation sensing”, Archimedes III project OEDDIR, TEI-Crete, Ministry of Education (2012-2015)
(2) "Charge trapping devices (memories) based on novel high-k dielectrics" GSRT-Herakleitos project, MIS: 346791 University of Patras (1/4/2011-31/10/2014)
(3) "Front-End Processes for Germanium MOS applications" Karatheodory, Project C906, University of Patras (1/2/2010-30/9/2013)
(4) “Spontaneous growth, properties and devices of III-V semiconductor nanowires”, NanoWire THALES project, University of Crete, Ministry of Education (2012-2015).

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