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Project Information per year

2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009
- 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004




Project Leader : P. Argitis

Permanent research staff : M. Vasilopoulou, A.M. Douvas

PhD Students : D.G. Georgiadou, T. Manouras, P. Pavli, C. Katsogridakis, A. Soultati

MSc Students : S. Tzani, S. Kazazis, N. Vitsaras, E. Polydorou

Collaborating researchers from other IAMNMPP groups : D. Davazoglou, P. Normand, N. Glezos, P. Dimitrakis, E. Gogolides, I. Raptis, G. Pistolis

External Collaborators:M. Chatzichristidi (Univ of Athens), L. Palilis, S. Kennou, N. Vainos, S. Kouris, D. Alaxandropoulos (Univ of Patras), E. Kapetanakis (TEI Kritis), S. Kakabakos, P.S. Petrou, (IRRP-NCSR-D), N. Stathopoulos, S. Savaidis (TEI Piraeus), S. Boyatzis, TEI of Athens D. Dimotikali (Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens), A.G. Coutsolelos, M. Vamvakaki (Univ of Crete/FORTH), I. Petsalakis, I. Theodorakopoulos (Nat. Hel. Res. Foundation)


A. Materials research for organic/hybrid electronic devices

Research topics:

  • Electron/hole transporting interfacial layers of organic optoelectronic devices
  • Material options for improving charge separation and transport in organic/hybrid photovoltaics (OPVs)
  • New optoelectronic devices based on organic semiconductors
  • Emission colour tuning in Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)

The current research priorities include investigation of a) different material options as charge transporting layers in OLEDs and OPVs, including metal oxides, related solution processible materials and organic molecular layers, and b) new device architectures and manufacturing processes enabled by the versatility of organic material properties. B. Research on organic thin films and molecular layers chemistry for development of new lithographic materials, micro- nanopatterning processes and coatings related technologies Research topics - Investigation of new resist chemistries and photochemical imaging processes - Lithographic materials for nanopatterning and alternative patterning schemes aiming at MEMs, bio-MEMs and related fields - Characterization technology for organic protecting coatings The current research priorities include new lithographic materials based on imaging through polymer back-bone breaking including laser writing processes, patterning processes for biosystems fabrication and characterization of organic coatings used in restoration applications.


a) Thalis "Polymeric photonic systems for application in information technologies, Photopolys” (2012-2015)
b) Archimides III “Novel and highly efficient Hybrid organic photovoltaic, NHyOPV” (2012-2014)
c) Archimides III “Novel low power consumption Hybrid OLEDs with improved operational characteristics, NHyOLED” (2012-2014)
d) Archimides III “Organic Electronic Devices for Radiation Detection” (2012-2015)
e) GSRT “Blu-Ray” Development of Optical Discs Technology (2011-2014) f) IKYDA, IKY DAAD Collaborative Project with LM University of Munich (2012)

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